Land Cruiser Prado basic Performance

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in June 2015 Released Latest Model


LDA-GDJ150,   LDA-GDJ151,    CBA-TRJ150W,     CBA-GRJ150W,   CBA-GRJ151W,      Grade-  TZ-L,     TX “L package,    TX,
GD-FTV-Diesel-2800Cc,    2TR-FE-Gasoline-2700,     1QR-FE-Gasoline-4000Cc,
Full Time 4WD 
LDA-GDJ150.  LDA-GDJ151-6AT,    CBA-TRJ150W-6AT,     CBA-GRJ150w.  CBA-GRJ151w-5AT, 
GD-FTV-Diesel-2800Cc-11.8Km/L,    2TR-FE-Gasoline-2700-9.0Km/L,   1QR-FE-Gasoline-4000Cc-7.9Km/L, 
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Geade TZ-G 2.8L Diesel

 Grade  Drive System  Transmission  Fuel Type & Engine Size  Fuel consumption  Seat
  TZ-L  4WD   6AT Diesel 2800Cc 11.2.8Km/L  7


prdo TZG Land

Interior Color Is Black                                                                       Seat Is Leather Black & Pearl

landcruiserprado_grade_Tz Glandcruiserprado_grade_TzG



Grade TX “L package”

Grade  Drive System transmssion Fuel Type & Engine Size  Fuel consumption Seat
 TX “L package”  4WD  6AT  Diesel 2800Cc  11.8Km/L  7
 TX “L package”  4WD  6AT  Gasoline 2700Cc  9.0Km/L  7
 TX “L package”  4WD  6AT  Gasoline 2700Cc  9.0Km/L  5

TX L tx

Interior Color Is Black & Pearl                                                      Seat Is Leather

TX L PAvkagecarlineup_landcruiserprado_TLcarlineup_landcruiserprado_TX L







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