Terms and Conditions

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Payment Methods

We accept three methods of payment when you are buying products from our online store. You can pay by;

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card (transaction is processed through PayPal Payment Gateway)
  3. Direct payment to our bank account in Japan
  4. Or to our local agent’s bank account in your country.


Shipping Methods and Delivery

We will be shipping all purchased products within 2 business days after the payment approval. All purchased items will be shipped by DHL Express, TNT, Fedex, UPS, EMS, Japan Postal Sea Service, Freight Forwarders and Sri Lankan Cargo services. All items that weight less than 10kg will be shipped and delivered to your doorstep. (Example: Head Lights, Tail Lights, Electric Switches, Radiator Motors and Audio items). It would take approximately 7-15 business days to reach the destination. All items that weight between 10kg and 20kg (Example: Bumpers and body kits) will be delivered to the local agent’s warehouse located in your nearest city. All items that weight more than 20kg (ex: Engine, Mission Doors, Windows) will be delivered to the nearest harbor of your city. This would take approximately 30 business days to reach your location.


Shipping and Other Chargers

  • International shipping charge is FREE
  • International insurance charge is FREE
  • Domestic handling charge is FREE


Special Packaging Services

We have special packaging service for products that you have purchased from our online store. This will provide optimum safety for the product you’ve purchased.

Products weight less than 10kg – safely wrapped item in a cardboard box

Products weight 10kg to 20kg – safely wrapped item with extra layers of wrapping materials

Products weight more than 20kg – Safely wrapped item in a wooden palate


If the shipped items are damaged, we’ll be replacing all damaged items. Once the item reached its destination, you will be responsible for its protection and safety.


Cancellation and Return

  • We do not accept and product cancellation after the payment has been received.
  • We do not ship the item if the order process is incomplete.


Tax Chargers and Fees

Please contact your local customs office to get more information about your tax chargers and other related fees.



We don’t provide warranty for second hand (used) products. Warranty is provided only for brand new products. Duration of the warranty will be varies from one product to another. Please refer the product description for the duration of the warranty.

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